More Services

This week in Captureball is more of a slower week when it comes to major milestone progress as much work was concentrated on fixing up some of the AWS technologies to be used for the game. The technologies in question include; GameLift SDK for interfacing Unreal with AWS, GameLift Flexmatch for matchmaking if needed, CognitoContinue reading “More Services”

Stage Modifications

This week we updated the stage to change to update with time making it increasingly difficult for all players to stay alive actively pushing the match towards an end state. At consistent time intervals, a random grid block on the stage is chosen to be deleted. As of right now, it is deleted immediately, howeverContinue reading “Stage Modifications”

Making Captureball Move

We begin this development blog of Captureball with the further expansion of the prototype playground version of the game. Quite a lot of work has already been done on the design, adjusting, and game feel of the moment to moment gameplay. The character movement in this 3D dodgeball arena is a key thing to getContinue reading “Making Captureball Move”