Captureball (Windows Download) Link

NOTE: Currently the dedicated server on AWS is having unexpected last minute issues running the matches. The live build works but is very fragile at the moment.

The project is more a proof of concept than a full game. The demo video is made with the test server version to be representative of the full work that was done on the project.

To join a multiplayer match login in and then you must have other logged in players press the join match button quickly at the same general time in order for the match to start!

If there is an issue wait a couple of minutes and try opening the client again to join a match.

You may run into issues with the server starting the game too late and the players not being able to control characters with team colors greyed out.

The single player practice mode is available to test out the movement and you can create an Captureball AWS Cognito Account:

Build Available Here:

One issue you may run into!

Git Hub

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