This week in Captureball the dodgeball mayhem is finally becoming a game that can be played with others, but a few issues stand in the way of the fun. After putting a lot of time into the AWS infrastructure and the Unreal Server back end the missing link has been putting our gameplay code intoContinue reading “Multiplayer”

Camera and Controls

This week we worked on updating, altering, and fine-tuning mechanics related to the camera and player controls. Something which has been absent from our game for quite a while now was the ability to utilize a mouse for aiming and camera rotations. We kept this off for a while partly due to neither of usContinue reading “Camera and Controls”

Networking Milestones

This week in Captureball is a very good week as all the incremental progress on the AWS GameLift backend has allowed for a nice dedicated server setup that we can build off of going forward. It would’ve been nice to have this done much earlier in the project, but now is better than too late.Continue reading “Networking Milestones”

Finding The Roadblocks

This week in Captureball consisted of trying to get as much of the networking up and running finally. This would’ve been a better devblog entry if everything was working, but there are small hidden bugs in the AWS and Unreal Client side of things holding back multiplayer matches from happening. Though we can still lookContinue reading “Finding The Roadblocks”

More Services

This week in Captureball is more of a slower week when it comes to major milestone progress as much work was concentrated on fixing up some of the AWS technologies to be used for the game. The technologies in question include; GameLift SDK for interfacing Unreal with AWS, GameLift Flexmatch for matchmaking if needed, CognitoContinue reading “More Services”

Unseen Progress

Work on Captureball continues this week with some less flashy but necessary developments that will be part of greatly needed functionality for the game. The continued development of the AWS GameLift integration to be used for a dedicated server solution comes with many steps that are needed to bring such a service to any application.Continue reading “Unseen Progress”

Systems and Servers

This week in Captureball has had some key steps towards creating a server build that will live on the cloud in order to facilitate multiplayer matches! Last we got the Custom version of the Unreal Engine 4.25 built with an integrated GameLiftSDK ready to be used. The way the GameLiftSDK is able to be usedContinue reading “Systems and Servers”

Stage Modifications

This week we updated the stage to change to update with time making it increasingly difficult for all players to stay alive actively pushing the match towards an end state. At consistent time intervals, a random grid block on the stage is chosen to be deleted. As of right now, it is deleted immediately, howeverContinue reading “Stage Modifications”


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