Camera and Controls

This week we worked on updating, altering, and fine-tuning mechanics related to the camera and player controls.

Something which has been absent from our game for quite a while now was the ability to utilize a mouse for aiming and camera rotations. We kept this off for a while partly due to neither of us having or using a mouse and instead we decided to focus on different methods for updating the camera for the bulk of the development cycle thus far such through using the arrow keys as the trackpad would not suffice.

Recently however I did manage to get my hands on a mouse and as a result begun making alterations to the current camera system. Since the current throwing system is directly linked to the players movement rotation and animations, updating this resulted in quite a few bugs initially, some rather obscure such as the stage appearing slanted while the player moved around, but in time many of these bugs were able to be resolved.

Even though most of the bugs were worked out, certain aspects of the current camera system and player movement still need adjustment. This is particularly true for the character animations as now the player turns to look in the direction the camera is facing when the camera is in the process of being updated. This process allows for aiming with the mouse which previously wasn’t possible.

Currently the players animations jump around a bit depending if the camera is moving or not but mechanically the throwing system functions more or less as intended allowing for more precise aiming. In the near future we may make a few adjustments to this as well to make the throwing system a little smoother as you transition back to the previous throwing system from the camera-based throwing system.

Besides the camera and player control updates, we also updated the pause menu to allow for a camera sensitivity slider which gives players the ability to fine tune the sensitivity of the camera. Alongside this addition, we decided to remove the options menu considering only a camera sensitivity slider would be apart of it in its current state as well as a back button which could prove tedious for player just wanting to make a simple adjustment in the heat of battle. As a result, we decided to add it to the bottom of the pause screen.

To make changes to the sensitivity you simply slide the bar to the area which provides the best values for you, un-pause the game, and test out your changes. If we have any further options menu additions in the future we may potentially add the options menu back but as it currently stands it will likely remain gone for good. Since we will likely not have more than 2 additions to the options panel it is likely that the current pause menu will remain the way it is now with the options at the bottom.

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