Finding The Roadblocks

This week in Captureball consisted of trying to get as much of the networking up and running finally. This would’ve been a better devblog entry if everything was working, but there are small hidden bugs in the AWS and Unreal Client side of things holding back multiplayer matches from happening. Though we can still look at the current state of the client and see how far Captureball has come.

Above we are testing the current capabilities with connecting to a server hosted match by building out the game fully in client mode and running two instances on one machine. Here we have two test accounts configured and ready to go.

We then logon with our test accounts to see the prototype main menu for Captureball which is currently just setup for an easy matchmaking test. The matchmaking system runs on AWS GameLift’s provided matchmaking system called Flexmatch which is configured to a very simple match setting that puts two players against each other. There’s lots of different customization on the matchmaking rules which can include matching players based on latency or ranking.

By pressing play for both players, they should neter the match level that is set on our GameLift Captureball Fleet instance, but unfortunately the don’t get the ok to both jump into the match. This has been an interesting problem since in CloudWatch it says the players request match code was picked up in one the the Lambda functions used to create a match and the players were placed by FlexMatch into a potential match queue. There was a bit to go through and figure out what may be the problem, but there is one big fix that may actually be the solution. This solution is in updating the build on the GameLift Server Instance which will be the next step to tackle this week! Then finally we should be back on course with some fun Captureball gameplay! – Darrell Wulff

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