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Replicating the Game Loop

This past week in the development of Captureball involved a bit of scrambling in trying to get a basic demo ready for our capstone group’s demo showcase. The Captureball demo involved a very brief playtest of some very basic networked multiplayer gameplay that had a lot of things we have been working on disabled inContinue reading “Replicating the Game Loop”


This week in Captureball the dodgeball mayhem is finally becoming a game that can be played with others, but a few issues stand in the way of the fun. After putting a lot of time into the AWS infrastructure and the Unreal Server back end the missing link has been putting our gameplay code intoContinue reading “Multiplayer”

Camera and Controls

This week we worked on updating, altering, and fine-tuning mechanics related to the camera and player controls. Something which has been absent from our game for quite a while now was the ability to utilize a mouse for aiming and camera rotations. We kept this off for a while partly due to neither of usContinue reading “Camera and Controls”